Calm & Clear Medicated Cleanser


Available in 2%, 5%, or 10% glycolic acid formulations

6.7 oz tube

Free Of: gluten, parabens, oils, sulfate, colorant, fragrance

Non-Comedogenic Formula (non-clogging)

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Formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade glycolic and salicylic acid available, this acne fighting skin cleanser is gentle yet effective at removing surface oils, unclogging pores, and refining the skin’s texture.

Key Benefits:
• Balanced formula built for acneic skin types
• Thoroughly and gently cleanses the skin to remove dead skin cells and simultaneously prevent future acne breakouts

Key Ingredients:
Pharmeceutical-grade Salicylic Acid (2%)

  • Assists in removing surface oils to unclog and refine pores

Pure Glycolic Acid 2%,5%,10%

  • Promotes gentle exfoliation with a customized approach for every skin type

Medical-Grade Witch Hazel

  • Smooths, tones, and refines the skin

Wet affected area (avoiding eye area and lips) wash and rinse well. Use 1-2x daily or as directed by your doctor.


Which Formulation Is Right for You?

2% Glycolic/2% Salicylic – ultra-sensitive skin types: dry or just starting to get used to treatment for acne

5% Glycolic/2% Salicylic – combination skin types: oily in some areas and dry in others

10% Glycolic/2% Salicylic – oily skin types: enlarged pores, over production of sebum, and easily prone to acne


Dr. Emami’s Tip: Use in combination with exfoliating toner pads and acne control serum to best control acne and prevent new breakouts. When using products that exfoliate it is also crucial to moisturize with a moisturizer that is built for acne prevention and reduces inflammation such as the Green Juice Redness Relief Serum, Ultra Hydrating Serum, and/or Trifect Antioxidant Moisturizer. The combination of the cleanser, toner pads, and moisturizer is the golden trifecta for acne control.

Additional information

Glycolic Acid Percentages

2% (sensitive skin), 5% (combination skin), 10% (oily skin)

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