Skin Care

AURAE MD Medical Skin Care is specifically designed to combat and protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation, known to be the single most responsible contributor to wrinkles, pigment changes, uneven skin tones, loss of elasticity, and skin cancer.

Built upon powerful anti-oxidants, calming botanicals, and advanced hydrating agents, each product has it’s own unique, therapeutic purpose. The products work synergistically, and are most effective when combined to meet the specific skin care needs of each patient.

In line with AURAE’s philosophy of regenerative wellness, the products are formulated without chemical fragrances, parabens, or artificial dyes, and are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Create the beautiful, radiant skin that you were born to have with AURAE MD. Specifically developed to create the most highly effective medical skin care.

Youthful, healthy skin is revealed through our customized skin care programs. Hear Dr. Emami’s unique and healthy approach to your best skin ever.

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